Monday, 22 April 2013

April the 22nd

DAY 22

Deep within my soul 
is the man that wishes to save
the world of his friends and those he loves,
and those who he has long since left. 

I do not know how to stop him. 
Wherever I tread and see sorrow
the instinct deep within 
is to arm myself with strength, 
for myself and for a friend. 

I will try to bargain with heartache 
or hunt away anxiety 
and then smite the might innards of depression 
that someone I maybe carrying. 
But there's more to be a hero then thought.

Our fables and ballads lie to us: 
a hero cannot always win
for in our lives, 
the innocent must decide
if they truly want to be saved. 

And am I truly this hero?
Some sort of cape and tights wonder?
Isn't all within a soul that yearns
for love and for approval
that will never be answered. 

I wish to save those who cannot be
and maybe answer a need to feel good, 
but I should perhaps remember
to save myself before attempting
to help anyone else. 

But I hope that some days,
my answering to a call
shall just put a smile on a face 
or make a dark day seem brighter
like so many heroes have done for me 
then the man deep within my soul
will perhaps rest for some good time. 

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