Saturday, 13 April 2013

April the 13th

DAY 13

It's all those song lyrics
that ring through my head in the end
not my own thoughts 
shaped by my mind and memory
instead just beats, words of musicians
who out had lived and love more then me
understanding more then I can 
of their lyrics and verse. 

But I'll find meaning you'll see!
Maybe it won't mean a word to anyone else
but those song lyrics are the ones keeping me
so alive and fresh with idea 
for what I really want to say. 
Like when I would fight for her
or when if I strayed from that path I follow
I just need to be down by the English channel
or when it's a long road back to where I can recover, 
with none of my latest tricks are working. 

Song lyrics can run through your head
and they may play as themes to your story, 
which will always be your own. 

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