Sunday, 14 April 2013

April the 14th

DAY 14

is this story from its happy ending. 
There once was this girl, 
so tender and fair and sarky. 
Oh boy who was nowhere near the same
yet sparks flew 
and before you knew
that boy was liking what he saw. 
Though his anger was like a forest fire
and hers like a small flame, 
he couldn't help the attraction 
he had no one to blame.
The boy went for a wise man, 
he looked to me would you believe?
I learn of this story 
always thinking it'd end in glory
for these two. 
Maybe it will not. 
And he has not yet forgot 
but time heals wounds 
good friend
but for now, shout to the moons
of all the planets in the sky
of why the hell this went awry 
without anything even happening
at all.

For a good friend. 

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