Wednesday, 17 April 2013

April the 17th.

DAY 17

We choose to celebrate your birth,
on this day where you body arrived.
But I question is this was when you were born.
The time I refer to cannot be pinpointed
it happened over decades as you became
the great hero I know you as today.
The wisdom and strength, the bravery,
when they were “born” within you,
THAT was the day you were born.
It can't be tied to any document,
I think the only thing to be said
is that day when you knew
that Ania rose from a slumber
like sleeping beauty awaiting the call
from the person you had already become.
Maybe you are not complete yet,
maybe we are still waiting for that soul
to truly be born.
But from what can be seen
is a strong and wise person
who loves and who's iron willed
and if you are not truly born yet,
then only the best is to come. 

Happy Birthday Dad, with love.

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