Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April the 30th

DAY 30

What a journey!
A journey that I wish never to end
with great time thinking, feeling 
and making every day count!
Be grudging it or loving it
yet always sensing it there. 
No it's come to an end
and I may only look back fondly
even when the days were grim, 
I am simply full of nostalgia 
and will miss this road
I have been traversing. 
So what do I speak of,
National Poetry Writing Month,
or my school?

April the 29th

(Made a scrap piece of paper which I fished out of my pocket today).

DAY 29

Only have these days
to hold onto old bricks 'n' walls
which mean nothing. 

They are not the things,
worth missing. 
For it all is the same. 

School and work,
they can't ever change. 
Anyone can say that. 

But what does change?
My good company. 
Which I'll miss forever.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

April the 28th

DAY 28

Friends shall make a day,
not that you have around you. 

If a good smile is near, 
then who needs a penny in the world?

A laugh, a cheer, a cry make memories,
not the pictures you take. 

Be it rain or sun, hot or cold, 
a good friend will make it "just right." 

Friends shall make a day, 
and nothing else shall compare. 

April the 27th

(Busy weekend so haven't been able to sit and post these!)

DAY 27

We all get those blue days, 
where light seems dimmer
and time seems stretched
to make the suffering sting. 

Without a doubt,
you will wish to sit and cry, 
believing that, if enough tears fall
the blue will stream out of your body 
like a river. 

The thing to keep those blue days,
less blue and more of the rainbow 
of a sharp mind 
is to remember: 

There is always tomorrow,
with love and friendship 
helping during today. 

Friday, 26 April 2013

April the 26th

DAY 26

So I've fucked up again, 
Obviously I'm rather terrible at this
Really, I try my best for everyone
Ready to help but I'm just not good. 
You don't have to understand, it's okay. 

Just remember it was out of friendship
And not out of spite 
'Cause you're one of the greats
Oh man, this'll 
Be so much cooler next time. 

He'll think it's gay but this is for a good friend. 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

April the 25th

DAY 25

When we forget to look
at what we have 'round us, 
time seems to slowly shift it 
and then as our eyes wander back
to the room we are in 
then we find new lovers and new friends 
the old ones still somewhere
but perhaps not what we may see
at that first glance. 
Then again - we let the mind wander,
change sweeps across the set 
and it's a whole new stage
without a flutter of doubt amongst any actor.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

April the 24th

DAY 24

Why can't I ever find the right thing to say?
I am forever with the wrong words at the wrong time
My wisdom will always sounds more like wit
when it tries to come and linger and offer its services. 
My hope will always sounds more like anger,
I could never be a Judge, my justice sounds like vengeance! 
But still people turn to me and more I am beginning to see,
to listen and not to speak my whimsical wisdom.